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I’m Dan Thomas, a user experience and collaboration consultant working for Lloyds Banking Group.

Throughout my career I’ve focussed on creating the best experiences possible by focussing on people. My background spans the technical and strategic gap – I’m an expert coder and designer with a real focus on the user, through experience in communications, marketing and collaboration.

That means I do the whole end to end collaborative process; from building a business case to planning the strategy, engaging and influencing leaders, overcoming IT challenges, configuring platforms and writing the communications. I’m also an SEO and metrics expert, so after implementation, I’ll analyse your data to prove your KPI’s.

My current role is as a Community Manager, developing our new social collaboration platform to increase connectivity, break down silos, share expertise, streamline processes and most importantly, make cost savings to deliver real business outcomes. That all translates to making our colleagues lives easier, more engaging and more productive. I’ll be blogging our collaborative journey, so stay tuned to read our story.

If you need advice on how to create great communications with proven approaches that are current, creative, effective and measurable then please get in touch or find me on twitter @FloatDotDigital.


I’m Dan Thomas, a collaboration and user experience expert currently working for Lloyds Banking Group.








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